Rome Wasn’t Seen in a Day…

Strikes and protests greet us in the eternal city. We cannot take public transit from the airport to our apartment as there is a one day strike. We take a private shuttle. We settle in. We go to get groceries and stand in amazement observing the traffic chaos. The next morning we head out on a walking tour of the city and are stopped by a massive protest. Welcome to Rome!

Rome protest

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The Fine Art of Tuscany

Taking it all in!

Taking it all in!

The last time I was in Florence I remember the swarms of pigeons, some suggestive statues, the leather market, the crusty bread that left your mouth raw, and my fear of being discovered after having dropped a stale end of bread over the balcony and then, two minutes later, peering over to see a riotous street scene below.

These are the memories of a ten year old and it makes me wonder what Eva will remember of our trip in years to come. I shouldn’t worry because she is often the one who makes the connections between what we are seeing today and what we saw a month ago. And there are a lot of recurring themes in art, architecture, history, and ice cream. Continue reading