Tour de Peloponnese

Eleven million people and 140 million olive trees. That’s Greece: a rocky, mountainous landscape covered with olive and orange trees with houses and whole towns built into cliffsides. An earthquake every two weeks or so (we felt two), economic turmoil, and still they hang on. If nothing else, Greeks are tenacious. Continue reading

Servou With a Smile

As they say in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, “I knew we should have taken a left turn at Αλμπουκέρκη”.

I love the Greek alphabet and the joy of translating it into the Latin alphabet and then deciphering the word. That green sign above the door in restaurants that says “ΕΞΟΔΟΣ” which decodes as EXODUS, and that “aha” moment when you connect the Exodus in the Bible with the Greek word for exit. Or the Greek name for Zeus is ΔΙΟΣ which is pronounced Dios, and the connection to the Latin Deus becomes clear. Continue reading

Guts over Fear


The Canadian National Vimy Memorial

Originally posted in Alternatives Journal

Lest we forget: war is about power.

It’s mid September, 2014. We’ve been driving the North of France with Eminem’s new single, “Guts over Fear” in never ending rotation on French radio. Our theme over the past week has been the great wars, which makes it an appropriate anthem. Much better than “Gigo, gigo, gigotez”, the French version of one of the many songs reflecting pop culture’s newfound fascination with butt wiggling and which leave you wondering what all the sacrifice was for. Continue reading


Karonis ouzo (5)You can’t come to Greece and not try ouzo. I mean, it’s everywhere and it’s yummy. That is, if you like the taste of anise (or licorice), which we do. Very much. So, we were thrilled to not only find a retail outlet where we could buy a nice bottle that was made in a local distillery near Nafplio, but also to meet Metaxia, who was very keen to explain the proper way of enjoying it.. Continue reading