A Man Walks into a Camera Store…

A man walks into a camera store and asks, “Can I get a quote?”. The clerk replies, “I can’t give you a quote, but I can sing you an aria.”

True story. Sort of. We were in need of a quote to repair a camera lens, and so Nancy and I walked to a Sony store in Athens. The fellow who helped us wasn’t able to give us an estimate, but we had a great chat about the economy, politics, education, and yes, even opera.  Turns out, when he isn’t studying mechanical engineering or selling cameras, Ilias sings both opera and rock and roll.

The next day, Ilias took us under his wing and served as our tour guide for the Acropolis museum, then introduced us to a funky neighbourhood and a fine, cheap restaurant way off the main tourist track.

Among the Caryatids at the Acropolis Museum

The three tenors

The three tenors

ilias (2)

Gazi district of Athens: old gas storage tanks converted to housing

ilias (1)

Cheap gyros in Gazi

Later that evening, alas, no opera but a night out for Nancy and I at a smoky bar where Ilias and the Notorious Troupe covered rock classics from Stray Cat Strut to Fly Me to the Moon.

Thanks, Ilias, for showing us the best of Athens. We wish you luck with your career(s) and look forward to seeing you in Toronto.

Ilias and the Notorious Troupe, live at Bat City

Ilias and the Notorious Troupe, live at Bat City

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