India: Faizal’s tour

Faizal and Eva

If we thought having our own houseboat was luxurious, we felt even more like royalty when our personal driver showed up the morning we stepped off the houseboat in Alleppey.  The introductions went like this. “Hello”, he said. “You are Mister….”, (he had forgotten our names).  “Yes…”, said Chris, who had already mistaken another local taxi driver for our man, and was being cautious this time.  Our driver, Faizal, then rhymed off the itinerary, and we knew we had our man.

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India: and So it Begins

kathakali (1)

Three weeks into India and we are only now able to start processing all the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient country. Friends had warned us that it wouldn’t be easy and, well, they were right. But all in all, we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Continue reading

To all Shopaholics

DSC08886To all shopaholics, sorry in advance.

The first impression that anyone who ever goes to Dubai has is one of awe. That makes sense, of course. Who wouldn’t be amazed by the imposing Burj Khalifa with its 163 floors? Or the beautiful palm islands on the glittering sea? On the surface Dubai seems like a paradise. However, once you take a look beneath, you begin to notice all of the things that are so very wrong with this place.

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