Traditional Arts of India

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Eva finds her prince

Eva here. When we were in Varkala in the south of India we were walking back from the beach one day. Someone was holding out flyers for something called “Kathakali”. Of course mom took the flyer. We took a quick peek inside the cultural centre where the Kathakali performance was going to be held, and we saw the performers finishing up their makeup. We didn’t have time that night to see the performance so we decided to go the next night. Continue reading

We Are How We Eat

Secca de boeuf, the regional specialty in Entreveaux, France

Secca de boeuf, the regional specialty in Entreveaux, France

Originally published in Alternatives Journal Online

In Verona, that most picturesque and fabled town, we ate horse. It was a cultural challenge, not a culinary one. The pastissada de caval was superb. As our waiter explained, horse meat may have had its origins in tough times, but today it has everything to do with taste, not necessity. It is a regional specialty. Continue reading

Heading to Hampi


After several relaxing days at Wild Haven it was time to push on. We reluctantly said goodbye to our little oasis and climbed aboard a local bus. The first hour of the journey was full of the joys that Indian bus travel affords – it was standing room only and we were jammed in with scarcely any room to move one’s feet. Chris insists he had the best spot, however, as he was right at the open back door, camera in hand, with the wind blowing in his hair. Continue reading