Sweets and Treats Around the World (Part 2)


Hard at work!

Eva here.

Hi everyone! I know you all have been waiting for the second part of ice cream around the world, so I am writing this.

As you can probably see, I have changed the title to sweets and treats around the world because there are too many sweets that I can’t miss. I won’t be writing about all of the sweets because there are too many that we have had in the past several months.

When we were in Venice, we had ice cream at an organic ice cream shop called Alaska. The owner had very weird flavors like celery.



Death by chocolate… ice cream

In Greece, we had baklava, which is phyllo pastry, and yummy nuts and honey. My favorite  flavor was pistachio.

But one of my favourite treats was a dessert gyro that we had on the island of Kos. It was so sweet!!!

DSC06672 DSC06670

In Turkey, we had lokum, or Turkish delight, from a store that sold thousands of different flavors.



When we were in Dubai, we went to the candy store in the world’s biggest mall. We saw them making candy that said “I love Dubai” and others that had the flag on it. We got free samples and they were so good. It is so cool how they put the fillings in so that when you roll it up it makes a picture.



When we were in India, for my birthday I got chocolate from my family. The chocolate was made from cocoa grown in the hills of Ooty. We also had cake with the people that worked at the lodge in which we were staying.


Up in the lookout point hoping to see an elephant, while enjoying our chocolate


Nepal. ICE CREAM!!!!!


Most countries have their own sweets, but so far I think my favorite is lokum.


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