Thanks, Mom

DSC02280Aran here.

Five years ago, mom had a crazy idea. I know, I know, that’s pretty commonplace, but trust me, this one was absolutely bonkers. She proposed that four years from then, we would travel the world, and the idea appealed to me. I was but a young buck of nine, and I could think of nothing I would rather do than travel the world with my family. However, it seemed so far away, and I could hardly think that far ahead, and so I buckled down and got on with my life. Continue reading


Cuddlies from Down Under


Eva here. The other day we were driving to our Servas host’s house in Brisbane when we saw the sign for the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We decided that we had to go, so the next day we loaded ourselves into the car and drove off in search of the sanctuary. Continue reading