Big Oil Malaysia: A Wake Up Call for Canada


The oil drop ride: good, clean fun with a message

Originally published in Alternatives Journal Online.

You learn some interesting things in a year of travel.

Kuala Lumpur is a striking, bustling city of 1.5 million with a transit system of six light rail lines that span across the city. The twin Petronas Towers are the city’s signature landmark, reminiscent of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The gleaming shopping centre below houses the Petrosains Discovery Centre.

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Two Fathers, Two Nations

Comparing Gandhi and Ataturk

    Statues of Ghandi (at the Ghandi Museum in Madurai)

Raising the flag in front of the statue of Gandhi at the Gandhi Museum in Madurai

The statue of Ataturk in Taksim Square, Istanbul

The statue of Ataturk in Taksim Square, Istanbul

Mohandas Gandhi and Mustafa Kemal. Both have so much in common. They both liberated their home country (both from the British… funny), and both received a name meaning Father (Ataturk actually means Father of the Turks, but whatever). To compare these two figures, one must first know a bit about them. And I learned a lot about each as we travelled through both India and Turkey.

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We Are How We Eat

Secca de boeuf, the regional specialty in Entreveaux, France

Secca de boeuf, the regional specialty in Entreveaux, France

Originally published in Alternatives Journal Online

In Verona, that most picturesque and fabled town, we ate horse. It was a cultural challenge, not a culinary one. The pastissada de caval was superb. As our waiter explained, horse meat may have had its origins in tough times, but today it has everything to do with taste, not necessity. It is a regional specialty. Continue reading

To all Shopaholics

DSC08886To all shopaholics, sorry in advance.

The first impression that anyone who ever goes to Dubai has is one of awe. That makes sense, of course. Who wouldn’t be amazed by the imposing Burj Khalifa with its 163 floors? Or the beautiful palm islands on the glittering sea? On the surface Dubai seems like a paradise. However, once you take a look beneath, you begin to notice all of the things that are so very wrong with this place.

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