Do De Canese!

Rhodes (1)We can’t come to Greece and not visit at least one island. Can we? Of course not. So, from Athens we jumped on a small plane and headed for the island of Rhodes, which is one of the Dodecanese islands (the furthest east group of Greek islands). We had contemplated taking a boat but when we learned that it would be an 18 hour ferry trip (and did we mention that Eva gets motion sick?), and would be almost twice the price, it was a no brainer. Continue reading

Hanging With the Ancients

Great views!

Looking out over ancient Delphi

The past couple weeks we have been touring around Greece, which of course entails having seen some amazing ancient sites. While my sister and I wrote previously on Mycenae and Epidavros, I will now cover two more: Delphi and Mystras.

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