Finding Santa

Originally published in Alternatives Journal blog, Think Global

It’s December 6, and we are on the island of Kos in Greece. The stores are closed for the celebration of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, but the sun is out and the cafes are doing a brisk trade. A band approaches and then a procession bearing the icon of St. Nicholas sweeps through the square on its way to the church where the service is being held. The procession passes, and the square is empty again, save for the Christmas tree and Santa Claus display. Continue reading

The Fine Art of Tuscany

Taking it all in!

Taking it all in!

The last time I was in Florence I remember the swarms of pigeons, some suggestive statues, the leather market, the crusty bread that left your mouth raw, and my fear of being discovered after having dropped a stale end of bread over the balcony and then, two minutes later, peering over to see a riotous street scene below.

These are the memories of a ten year old and it makes me wonder what Eva will remember of our trip in years to come. I shouldn’t worry because she is often the one who makes the connections between what we are seeing today and what we saw a month ago. And there are a lot of recurring themes in art, architecture, history, and ice cream. Continue reading