Thanks, Mom

DSC02280Aran here.

Five years ago, mom had a crazy idea. I know, I know, that’s pretty commonplace, but trust me, this one was absolutely bonkers. She proposed that four years from then, we would travel the world, and the idea appealed to me. I was but a young buck of nine, and I could think of nothing I would rather do than travel the world with my family. However, it seemed so far away, and I could hardly think that far ahead, and so I buckled down and got on with my life. Continue reading


The Long Leg Home


The very last trip – the train from Cobourg to Toronto

Eleven and a half months to travel from Toronto to Tasmania, and two weeks to get back home.  Every great journey has an end, and  we boarded the plane that pointed towards home with a mixture of sadness and exhilaration.

HildaBut the world was not done with us yet. There was still a week of exploring the Big Island in Hawaii ahead of us, and after a year of dodging disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and heatwaves, it seemed we might have to deal with a rare Hawaiian hurricane. Continue reading

Winter in Tasmania


Sixty years ago, my parents traveled by boat from England to Tasmania. It took six weeks. It took us eleven and a half months on our travels, but we finally have arrived back where I was born. It’s been 49 years since I left Tasmania as an eight year old child, and in many ways the place hasn’t changed a bit. You still walk down the steps off the plane and cross the tarmac into a tiny airport. Continue reading