Reef Teach and the Great Barrier Reef


When I say Australia, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Okay, kangaroos. But how about the second? Oh, all right, the Outback. But after that? Vegemite? Really? Never mind. My point is that the Great Barrier Reef figures prominently in everyone’s idea of Australia. So of course, we had to go see it ourselves! Continue reading


A Few Twists and Curves in Bali


Bali! The name alone conjures images of white sandy beaches, verdant rice terraces, and graceful dancers decorated in gold. From the Families on the Move Facebook group, we had heard so much about Bali and, more specifically, about Ubud – a mecca where people regularly come for a week and stay for two months. Looking to find a place to sit in one place for a couple of weeks, how could we resist? Continue reading